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Athletics Standards

AAA Mens Walk Standards
Age GroupDistanceGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4
Senior 3,000m13:20.013:40.014:20.0N/A
U20 3,000m14:30.014:50.015:30.0N/A
U17 3,000m14:50.015:10.016:00.017:00.0
U17 5,000m24:50.025:45.026:50.027:50.0
U15 3,000m15:20.015:55.016:40.017:30.0
U13 2,000m10:45.011:15.011:50.012:45.0

AAA Womens Walk Standards
Age GroupDistanceGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4
Senior 3,000m15:00.016:00.017:00.0N/A
Senior 5,000m25:30.027:30.029:50.0N/A
U20 3,000m15:50.016:40.017:50.0N/A
U20 5,000m26:15.028:00.030:15.0N/A
U17 3,000m16:15.017:20.018:00.019:00.0
U17 5,000m27:00.028:30.030:45.032:45.0
U15 2,500m13:40.014:50.015:50.016:30.0
U15 3,000m16:30.017:35.018:40.019:30.0
U13 2,000m11:50.012:40.013:20.013:50.0
U13 2,500m15:00.015:50.016:40.017:30.0

AAA badges are available for all FOUR Grades in the U17, U15 and U13 Age Groups and THREE Grades in the U20 Age Group, as defined by UKA Rules. Standards are listed for SENIORS for guidance - badges are not available for this Age Group.

The performance to be recognised must be achieved at 1) National, Territorial and County Championships: 2) at all Young Athletes and other League competitions, Open Meetings and Inter-Club Trophy Meetings; 3) at other approved meetings: and 4) at ESAA National, Regional and County Championships.

The Scheme is co-ordinated by the Territorial Associations from whom Certificates and or Badges are available. The Certificates, issued free, give details of addresses from which Athletes may obtain Badges at a cost of 2.00 PLUS SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for return of Badge. Clubs are encouraged to make bulk applications for their athletes.

Queries on the scheme may be addressed to the AAA Hon. Standards Officer, Edwin Bellamy, 17 Parkdale, Barton upon Humber DN18 5EQ. Telephone: 01652 633422. E-mail: ebellath @ aol.com ; to the Midland Counties AA or South of England AA at their registered HQ address as below.

Midland Counties AA Alexander Stadium, Birmingham

Northern Athletics - E.S.BELLAMY, 17 Parkdale, Barton-upon-Humber. DN18 5EQ

South of England AA 4th Floor, Marathon House, 115 Southwark Street, London SE1 OJF

Athletics Weekly Standards - Men
Age GroupDistance"A" Standard"B" Standard
U13 2km12:0013:00
Senior 3km 13:45 15:00
U20 3km 14:30 15:15
U17 3km16:0016:00
U15 3km16:3017:00
U13 3km18:0019:00
M40 3km 15:30
M45 3km 16:00
M50 3km 16:30
M55 3km 17:00
Senior 5km 23:00 26:00
U20 5km 25:00 26:30
U17 5km26:3028:00
M40 5km 28:00
M45 5km 29:00
M50 5km 30:00
Senior10km 49:00 55:00
U2010km 52:00 56:00