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Race Walking: Getting Started

1) Getting information
The RWA (Race Walking Association) is the governing body for racewalking in the UK. They will send you an introductory pack to get you started. They also provide an online overview of the sport and answer commonly asked questions on their website.

2) Watch a race
There are many events held in the UK, and everyone is welcome to come and watch. Racewalkers are a friendly bunch and we'll be happy to see you and have a chat. Many racewalkers got their start by seeing a race in progress. Olympic and other top level racewalks are often televised.

3) Enter a race
Have a go! Many races are open to everyone, and you don't have to be a club member. Don't be put off by the high speed of the leaders, this is a skill that will come to you with practice. You could even find yourself racing against top international athletes in your very first race.

4) Join a club
Clubs have qualified coaches to train you and develop your technique and speed, and teams of walkers that can advise and encourage you. You will also be eligible to receive team medals and trophies.

5) Subscribe to RWR
Race Walking Record is the monthly magazine for our sport. With news, interviews and advice, it is read by everyone in the racewalking community.

6) Join the Yahoo discussion group
The UK Racewalking discussion group on Yahoo is where news is posted, and issues discussed. Questions can be asked here, and you will be sure of an interesting answer.

7) Join the 200 Club
The 200 Club is a monthly draw with cash prizes, that helps to fund the sport of racewalking. By joining, you would be helping to support the future of the sport.

Good luck!